Sunday, May 5, 2019

A Little Willingness: An Angel Message

Joyfully, I call to mind the delightful surprise that happened early Saturday morning.  When I opened the back door, my sleep filled eyes also opened wide at the sight of four yellow buttercups. Lately this wild miracle plant has had only one or two buttery blossoms at most, and, for a while, its green leaves were somewhat sparse on the single woody stem growing out of the wall.

Now this amazing little Over Comer has managed to branch out... to thrive and grow tall for over a year, living in a narrow crack at our back door.  

Such a sweet little companion she has become ever since she showed up, seeded by the winds. I've watched her grow, a tiny sprout out of that little crack, through all four seasons.  Faithful in all kinds of weather, she is a testimony to perseverance. 

Like a burst of sunshine, the tall Buttercup plant now greets me at eye-level as I open the door to faithfully feed Gus, our friendly stray cat, patiently waiting for breakfast each morning.  

Buttercup's cheerful presence has such vitality that admittedly I greet her with a term of endearment, too.  "Choo-skee" I call her.   "Good morning, Choo-skee! Look at you!" I say, admiring her determination and beauty.   

She smiles back in bright yellow blossoms, opened wide to let in the sunlight.  Her lesson seems to be,  It doesn't take a whole lot in the material world to bloom -- just a little willingness, and then celestial unseen help will come rushing in to help you fulfill your purpose.  

 I've written about her amazing progress in other angel blogs.  But, there's something special about this wild buttercup that keeps on joyfully expressing herself, doing her best to put a smile out there.  

You can't make these sort of things happen, as you know.  And, when they do come along, it's a wonderful lesson unseen help is always available.  A demonstration that defies material laws and helps our faith to stretch and grow.  An encouraging reminder that much is happening behind the scenes on the stage of life. So keep on smiling and have faith.

Although the seasons have come and gone,  Buttercup is still here, standing tall, smiling in a bright flower or two. Welcoming another day in which to grow stronger and stretch higher toward the Light.

Thank you, sweet Buttercup, for teaching by example.  Although her colorful blossoms only last one day at a time, there are new ones waiting in the wings.  

Enjoy your day with the Angels, and keep looking toward the Light to grow and bloom.  Smile to Life like Choo-skee. 

Joyful blessings,

Rae Karen