Saturday, May 25, 2019

Let It Be: An Angel Message

5/25/19 Orchid Surprise
After watering the garden this morning, I took a rest on the butterfly bench at the far end of the backyard.  Sitting in the sunlight, my eye caught a glimpse of a purplish pink bloom near the base of a nearby palm.  To my delightful surprise, a long forgotten orchid was in bloom. 

At first, its lovely appearance seemed to good to be true. But then I recalled how that dormant hardy plant had bloomed before.  
Orchid Blossom Blog 2/12/18
See how it stretched out from the top of the file cabinet, to get my attention.  After that February 12. 2018, rare display, I didn't expect an encore when it dropped its last bloom.  Not wanting to toss it out, I decided to tuck the little plant in a shady garden spot, and soon forgot about it. 

 I've shared before, how my best efforts to propagate orchids are zilch so I don't even try.  But I do, after many years, know there is great wisdom in just letting things be.  What will be will be...without any overshadowing from me.

5/25/19 Orchid Surprise in the Garden

This morning's surprise blessing has the promise of more blossoms to come.  Two more pods are in the wings. For now, this happy flower messenger, in its original plastic pot, brightens the mantle.  Just like the wild buttercup at the backdoor, it has everything within it that supports an ability to bloom.

 I love these encouraging signs from the angels of nature. In Japan, the orchid represents love.  In love, sometimes the best thing we can do is to leave a tender situation alone, let it be.  Unseen help is in the works.  So if you're dealing with something that seems hopeless, just surrender and let it be. Keep having faith that all is well.

Enjoy your day and look for little angel love notes along the way.

With love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen