Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Angel of Exuberance!

The angel word for today is exuberance.  Many years ago, the Angel of Exuberance must have led me to this hand-stitched peacock tapestry at a local thrift shop. 

Exuberance is to be full of life!  Just saying the word Exuberance gives a much needed boost, an uplifting feeling.  The Angel of Exuberance comes to offer an opportunity to let go of our persona-- the role we play, the mask we wear, and become high-spirited, fully alive and spontaneous in the moment.  The peacock shown here appears to be taking one last look at what was, before making a leap of faith into a new and exciting flow.  A reminder to be watchful, that we, too, can shed the past and resurrect by staying open for opportunities to begin something new and meaningful that fills our soul.

Since the beginning of spring, peacocks have been capturing my attention.  I looked up the symbolism again in Animal-Speak.  

The keynote of the peacock is resurrection and wise vision (watchfulness).  Of all the birds, the peacock resembles the traditional description of the phoenix.  The phoenix is the legendary bird of resurrection that is sacrificed in the fires of life and then rises from the flames out of its own ashes.  The peacock is a reflection of the phoenix that touches many cultures.  In Chinese mythology the plumage is a blending of the five colors that have a sweet harmony of sound.  In Egypt it was linked to the sun god, Amon-Ra.  In Christianity it was a symbol of the death and resurrection of Jesus.  In Egypt it was associated with the all seeing eye of Horus.  

Enjoy your day, and if it feels right, stay vigilant for new beginnings.  It doesn't have to be anything big, just try to do one thing out of your ordinary routine and watch what happens.  Be exuberant!

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen