Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy 2020! An Angel Message

2020, I like the sound of the New Year. It reminds me of perfect vision. 20/20

We've moved up to a new decade, leaving the roaring teens.  To my way of thinking, 2020 is about new beginnings, about transformation; the joyful point in which one departs on a new path.  

I like to play around with numbers.  So  by adding up 20 + 20, the  total value equals 40.  Just for fun, I learned that the numerical value of 40 is represented by the Hebrew alphabet letter Mem.  The pictograph for 40 (Mem) is water, waves, the sea.   In Jewish tradition, 40 represents transformation.  Water, like the number 40, is a symbol of transformation.  Our physical bodies are mostly comprised of water.  Mem also means people, nations, languages, and tongues.  

"The words a man speaks are deep waters, a flowing stream, a fountain of wisdom."  (Proverbs 18:4)

The Scripture mentions the transformation that takes place with the number 40:

40 days and nights, flood waters (Noah's ark)
40 days, Moses on Mt. Sinai in the presence of God
40 years, Israelites wandered in the desert 
40 days, Jesus tested in the wilderness

Early this morning, an angel thought reminded to pick a single virtue to promote transformation for the year 2020.  By selecting one attitude to last the whole year through, the tone is set each day, allowing something new to happen.  The attitudes (virtues) are related to angels, and give us something to cling to through the year.   The virtue can heal and help us to choose to see things differently.  

The idea to select an angel virtue for the year comes from Anselm Gruen's book, Angels of Grace.  There are 50 choices.  Here's some he recommended, but you can always select one that fits best for yourself.

Angel of Love
Angel of Calm
Angel of Clarity
Angel of Courage
Angel of Endurance
Angel of Quiet
Angel of Forgiveness
Angel of Freedom
Angel of Gratitude
Angel of  Harmony
Angel of Healing
Angel of Exuberance 
Angel of Reconciliation
Angel of Reverence
Angel of Transformation 
Angel of Understanding
Angel of Risk
Angel of Truthfulness
Angel of Trust

The Angel of Understanding popped up in my morning meditation. I was guided to Gruen's book, hoping it would be there. 

 "If people feel understood they can express everything that is inside them.  They no longer anxiously try to hide things.  They feel that with this listener everything is in good hands, this listener understands me, and thus enables me to understand myself better."

Understanding is the key to healing.

Happy New Year!  Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Rae Karen

photo: public domain