Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A Pasture Full: An Angel Message

Then there were some...a pasture in town had an abundance of new residents at the busy intersection by the bank.  Cows!  Even a few snowy white cattle egrets had come to welcome the grazing herd. Sitting at the stoplight,  I found the pastoral setting eye-pleasing, being a farm-girl at heart.

Back at home, I revisited the symbolism of cows.  Turns out, they are known for abundance, and the wealth of endless creation.  In many cultures, cows are holy animals. 

Cows help teach us by unquestioningly accepting what life gives us, we can grow abundant.  Wealth is connected to open-receiving, and generous-giving.  Something I'm working on. 

According to the cow reference, To live in plenitude, we must first learn to accept with our whole heart.  Yes it is our hands that reach and serve, but truly the heart is what gives and takes. Beat by beat, giving and taking...a harmonious rhythm.  When we open our heart wide, and accept this present moment and all that it offers, in gratitude we can experience the gift that helps us to grow. 

I was thankful for the cows peaceful presence.  But more cow synchronicity crossed my desk.  This faded 1928 photograph of granddaddy and his two dairy cows on the farm. The angels were talking to me as I smiled at my young grandfather who had one cow by the horn.  I remember how he would awaken long before sunup, and put on his black rubber boots to go down to the hog lot and feed the cows and pigs.  Giving and taking...

Another thing about cows is that they are known for constantly chewing their cud...digesting it well. They have four stomachs!  A reminder perhaps for me to watch my own ruminating over yesterday's meal.  Instead of chewing that old cud, I can choose to do my  best and let it go, to lie down in green pastures, and rest knowing God is in charge, and all is well.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen