Thursday, January 30, 2020

Under the Sea, A Yard Sale Treasure: An Angel Message

 Elliot and I had gone out for a Saturday afternoon drive to the local monastery.  On the way, a YARD SALE sign caught my eye.  To my delight, at the end of a long driveway, I saw something unusual.  Leaning up against the trunk of a tall tree, stood a LARGE poster-board of The Little Mermaid.  Whenever that little red-headed mermaid happens to swim by, I take it as an angel sign to honor my inner voice, the divine feminine.

Passing by the YARD SALE, I quietly mentioned to Elliot that I'd like to stop.  Maybe Ariel was for sale.  We had been in a clearing out mode, so he wasn't too excited about the prospect of more stuff.     Not one for shopping on the Sabbath, he silently nodded, heading to our destination to pray and meditate.  Afterwards, I hoped the Little Mermaid would still be waiting.

But to my surprise, a different plan was unfolding; one that involved divine timing. 

Around the bend, the heavy iron gates to the monastery dirt road were closed. Something that rarely happens.

Yielding to what is, Elliot turned the car around.

Something more was going on.

 He waited in the car while I approached the friendly woman in the driveway, asking her if she was enjoying her new home.  She nodded, saying that it had needed a whole lot of work.

"You're making it your own,"  I smiled. She and her husband were doing the renovation themselves.

 The solid brick home, in such a peaceful neighborhood, had been a good buy.  She smiled, saying all of her neighbors were nice and she enjoyed the quietude, hearing the mission bells ring on the hour.

"The monastery is a wonderful place to be in nature and pray.  The Monks sells homemade soaps in the gift shop.  Everyone is welcome."  I told her. 

When I got around to asking her if Ariel was for sale, she smiled.  "No, but I'll give her to you."

"Really?" I asked.

 Turns out, the wooden Mermaid, over 5-feet tall, was far from a simple poster plaque.  Years ago, it had been part of an official Disney Expo.  Her daughter had loved The Little Mermaid.  When 10 years old, she had won a talent competition singing and reciting from The Little Mermaid.

"Will your daughter be okay with your letting this go?"  I asked.

"Oh, my daughter is 20 now.  We taught our daughters to enjoy things, but then be willing to let them go.  She laughed, her other daughter, had just left the U.S. with only a suitcase, heading to Liverpool to start a new life.   That was really letting it all go!

Elliot got out to help carry the heavy, but precious Little Mermaid to the car.  Folding down the backseat, Ariel fit nicely for the ride home.

Thanks to following my inner voice, this BRIGHT-eyed Mermaid, and her little seahorse, Herald, are propped up on the porch, as big as life.  A reminder: Honor the gift of your inner voice. Words matter.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen