Sunday, January 12, 2020

Beginning a Heart-filled Day: An Angel Message

"Love waits on welcome, not on time."   (A Course in Miracles)

The language of angels is often expressed in synchronicity, and it's both fun and amusing to watch the day gently unfold like the petals of a rose for a divine purpose.  For instance,  the last angel blog featured Hei-Hei snuggled by a basket of  pink ornamental roses.  Elliot and I had laughed at the time, Was our sweet cat telling us to take time out to smell the roses?  

Last week we followed his advice, and took an impromptu trip to Vilano Beach.   

As I've shared before, whenever traveling, we make it a custom to welcome the guardian of the city or town where we visit, and also the guardian angels of the people who live there.  The first time I was a bit of a skeptic, but decided to give it a try.  The results were so inspiring and fun, that we recognize what an honor it is to give gratitude to those angels who serve but are seldom seen.

So last week at Vilano Beach, we extended a welcoming invitation to the Guardian of Vilano Beach and the Guardian Angels of the people who reside there, thanking them for their hospitality and all the good work they do.

On our first morning walk, while collecting seashells on the windy shore, something unusual caught my eye.  At a distance, it appeared that someone had devoted much time and energy into making a large circular wall in the sand, not far from the sea. 

Coming closer, for inspection, to our delight, it was more than a giant round moat.  What a find!  Some tender soul had gone to great lengths to create a very memorable moment. 

An 8-ft wide heart had been forged out of sand, and decorated with fresh pink rose petals! 

Smiling, I imagined two souls standing together, united, within that one big heart, as they faced the  beginning of a new dawn. Maybe a wedding had taken place, or a marriage proposal, but that  generous pink-filled blossomed heart had been carefully positioned where the sun rose early that morning. 

That special sign of love made a lasting impression -- how different our day may blossom if we intentionally begin each morning on the sandy shores of time with divine love filling our hearts, and welcoming those we meet throughout the day.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen