Tuesday, April 21, 2020

An Angel Weather Alert: An Angel Message

Yesterday morning an ominous sky turned black as night.  I couldn't recall,  not even in  our history of hurricanes, when it was so dark during the day.  Watching from the sun-room window, a sudden burst from a heavy cloud dumped needed rain on the lawn.  Hearing an occasional rumble off in the distance, the view had definitely changed from the sandhill crane who had stopped by over the weekend, peeking in and pecking at the window to the angelic music coming from a CD.

Now, the winds began to pick up. 

An angel thought nudged, Check the weather forecast for your area.  Picking up my phone, I took a look.

WOW.  I couldn't believe it.   A TORNADO WARNING! in effect for our county, with the potential of spawning from the thunderstorm. 

Heading south-easterly, it would reach our little town in 8 MINUTES!

Thankful for angel guidance, and with no time to spare, Elliot headed for the piano, filling the house with Amazing Grace.  I stood at the window and prayed Psalm 91 out-loud, claiming that we abide in the Shadow of the Almighty.  I asked the angels for protection for everyone, the birds and animals, all life that may be in its path. 

As in the past, we then played Handel's Messiah CD full blast on the stereo.  That heavenly-rousing Hallelujah Chorus, has gotten us safely through other dire weather conditions. 

Before long, the rains stopped, the clouds gave way to blue sky. After lunch, we had a grateful walk in the sunshine down the country road to the mailbox.

Prayer works! Psalm 91 is a  powerful shield of protection during the storms in life as we abide in the consciousness of God's Love, and not just run there at the first sign of trouble.

Many people were praying, and there were no fatalities,,and minimal damage.  The tornado touched down in Sanford, and then went out to sea.

Thank you Angels for all your loving protection and guidance.  In hindsight, I remembered the sandhill cranes are symbolic of noble guardians and protection. 

I'm so thankful to know that angel messages come just when most needed if we are willing to quiet our mind and listen. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen