Monday, April 27, 2020

Giant Grasshopper: An Angel Message

The sunset was especially beautiful last night, but it was this little creature looking in the sun room window who stole the show.

I thanked him for the visit, recalling that a grasshopper always hops upwards or  forward, never backwards.  Life becomes difficult when we refuse to move forward.

 This morning, to our surprise, when I opened the vertical blinds, the grasshopper was still there in the same place.  Having spent the night, he stayed most of the morning content to be at the window looking in.  I took his photo for the blog and when I began writing about him, I looked up at the sun-room window, but he was gone.  I smiled--now that I was sharing the good news about leaps of happiness he could move on.

His patient and steadfast vigil made me research the symbolism of grasshopper today.  The heading brought a smile.  LEAPS OF HAPPINESS.

Turns out that the grasshopper's strong legs help it make a giant leap 20 to 30 times their length.  "A signal that if we want to manifest our hopes and dreams, we must get off our haunches, and take a leap of faith. Now is the time to take a chance, to jump in.   This is sometimes difficult, but the appearance of grasshopper promises success even if we do not recognize or know in what way things will work out.  Grasshopper brings a promise they will--and often suddenly.  These creatures have an instinct for finding places exposed to the sun, a knack for being in the warmth of the light.  Now is the time to trust our inner voice for what is right or sunny for us." 

What loving angel messages are coming your way today?  What do you see outside your window?  A message may come in many ways, the mail, internet, TV, songs, --you name it, but it will come if you expect it.  Why not expect the happy things of God to come your way today?

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

(Ref. The Animal-Wise by Ted Andrews)