Friday, April 3, 2020

Guess Who Showed Up At Breakfast? An Angel Message

Angel messages that suddenly turn up in nature always bring an element of surprise.  They come when you least expect it, when you are not looking, but simply being.  In that moment, it is as though a pin has popped the bubble of illusion, breaking the mesmerism of how you think life is.  Wide-eyed you the spontaneity, and loving touch of it all. 

Around 8:30 this morning a rare treat appeared as Elliot and I were about to sit down at the table in the sun-room to enjoy a bowl of warm oatmeal. 

I could hardly believe my eyes.  There he was, so close, I held my breath, not wanting to dispel the moment.   A beautiful tom turkey at our window.  A wonderful messenger, he faced us with a heartfelt greeting, spreading his sunlit feathers.    Thankfully, he posed long enough for me to grab my phone for a photo to share with you. 

I heard him let out  a loud gobble as he strutted around to the side yard.   I watched from the window.  Again, he posed, fanning his tail feathers, just like a peacock.

His happy visit brought joyful tears.  The timing was amazing.  You can't make these things happen.  Recently, I learned it is turkey season.  I'd been praying for the safety of the Tom Turkeys who are at risk,-- seeing a real live turkey and a frozen one at the grocery store has changed my perception. 

There he was unafraid, out in the open, doing his turkey thing, fully giving of himself.

In the book Animal Messenger, I learned the symbolism of turkey:

"The turkey tells you to give yourself, unquestioningly and boundlessly.  Give yourself up, give in to life.  Immerse yourself to the fullest in your life's narrative.  Now is not the time for you to set boundaries and modify the events and relationships you live through, but to let them happen.  In external self-abandonment, discover internal self-development.  It will be a great experience for you, your fellow humans, and your environment.

...The more you give of yourself, the more you let go of restrictive ideas about yourself, and by these means you can discover strengths, qualities, and possibilities that may have been long buried or lying idle.  Give yourself entirely and you will see that life begins to adjust to you, so that you can always experience things wholly and authentically. "   

Enjoy your day expressing yourself like Tom Turkey.  Give! Give! Give!  Your love, your creativity, your joy, your smile.  Spread your wings, keep pushing the Light!

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(Animal Messengers, An A-Z Guide to Signs and Omens in the Natural World by Regula Meyer)