Monday, April 13, 2020

Suck it up, Buttercup: An Angel Message

Recently while out for a walk, I noticed an unusual decal on a mini-truck parked at the clubhouse.  "Suck it up, Buttercup."  Anything with buttercup on it grabs my attention.  I laughed, recognizing an angel message as the slogan hit home. 

Suck it up means to deal with it.  You have to do it. 

My wild buttercup plant sprang to mind. Instead of growing out in the garden with plenty of dirt to spread her roots, the wind had seeded her in a narrow crack in our stucco wall by the back door.  She had to suck it up to survive.

 Somehow she had managed to not only grow, but cheerfully thrive over the past two years, spreading her leafy branches with even more buttery blossoms. She had almost reached the top of the door.

Her cheerful blooms had greeted me most mornings at the backdoor as I fed a bowl of chow to our feral feline waiting at the stoop for breakfast. 

It was hard not to smile at her sunny presence.

 Against all odds, she had managed to survive, with  just a little dirt in the crack, plenty of sunshine, rain, and an occasional spritz from me as I watered the garden.

Shortly after moving,  I  heard some bad news.  At our old house, roofers had hurriedly tossed down the old shingles and crushed the buttercup plant! 

Maybe the move had been  a mistake? I tearfully thought.  Look what has happened.   I remembered how that strong buttercup had withstood all kinds of storms over the past two years.  She was a testimony to the power of faith during the seasons of life.

"Her blooms were knocked off," my son sadly told me, who has taken up residence there.  And, her branches broke off.

My thoughts turned to the worse, as I imagined her just a twig in the wall.

Silently, I thanked that buttercup for coming into my life, for all the gifts she had given me.  Her teachings by demonstration, on perseverance, joy, and to grow toward the light day-by-day.

Shortly after seeing the buttercup decal, my son surprised me with a text photo he had taken that morning.  To my delight, that amazing buttercup had resurrected with five yellow blossoms! 

So I'm trying to learn another lesson from my buttercup teacher.  To suck it up, and realize I have more inner strength in my spirit, as we each do, to endure, and shine through these hard times, if we will keep our focus on the light, and share our joy day-by-day.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen