Monday, April 20, 2020

Checking and Pecking In, A Sandhill Angel Messenger

Something was up early Saturday evening.  While I was making dinner, Elliot called out, Come take a look! Dropping my potholder, I made a bee-line for the sunroom.  

What I saw was a first, and had a touch of angelic influence as I'd been wanting a close-up pic of the sandhill crane family who frequent our yard.  And here it was.  Either Papa or Mama Crane had stepped into the flowerbed and was looking in the window.   

That big sweet bird stayed for quite awhile, and to our amusement began gently pecking on the windowpane, perhaps hoping to get a better glimpse of us, too.  Angelic music was playing on the CD, so maybe the sandhill was picking up on the celestial vibrations, and  drumming along to the music.   Anyway it was one of those rare sweet moments of oneness.

The window visitor was so deliberate, I looked up the symbolism again.  Sandhills are high flyers and always announce their presence with loud calls. (So true, they have a unique guttural squawk!)   Because of this, they are often considered noble guardians, calling out loudly to forewarn.  If they are appearing in our life there is usually something that we should watch out for, and take care of more carefully.  When they appear, there is usually some hidden protection around us.  It is sometimes a sign that we may need to be the hidden protector of someone else. 

I took it as a reminder that the Holy Spirit is ever present, and we are all always in the company of unseen loving angels, so just keep the prayers going, reaching out to share love and light.  To radiate love rather than absorb fear, since we can't do both simultaneously.  The choice is ours in any given moment.   

Nature is a wonderful teacher, full of surprising touches.  

Sandhills are also known for their enthusiastic mating dance—jumping up and down like two big bouncy  ballerinas, as they face each other, long feathery wings aflutter, tossing sticks in the air….so whenever they appear it is a sign to remember that life is a dance and to enjoy every step.  

Something I need to remember just now…

God is in the details.  This message is for all of us.  The angels are our loving guardians, watching over and guiding us during this dark night of the soul.  It is in the darkness that we often discover that we are Light.

Love, peace and happiness, 

Rae Karen