Tuesday, May 5, 2020

A Song in the Night: An Angel Message

The other night I was awakened from sleep by the call of a distant bird.  The song is a familiar one, that I have read about, but never had the pleasure of hearing.  Whip-poor-will...Whip-poor-will...it sang out in the night air.   At first, I thought it was my husband snoring, softly whistling through his nose, but when I listened closely, he was playing a different tune.

And, soon the Whip-poor-will called out again in the dark. 

His call reminded me of another bird from childhood who sang out its name, too.  Bob White...Bob White.. Memories of my grandparents' farm in Virginia crossed my mind.  I fell back to a peaceful sleep.

The next morning, I was curious to learn what a whip-poor-will looks like.  A search on Wikimedia Commons brought up an unexpected image of an ancient looking bird that is a member of the night hawk family.

Elliot reminded me of that old song, My Blue Heaven, ...when Whip-poor-will calls and evening is nigh, I hurry to my blue heaven. 

In Animal-Wise, "the whip-poor-will advises to stay alert to something unexpected. Because its song is this bird's outstanding characteristic, exploring the use of sound and music may be important to some activity or endeavor right now.  The whip-poor-will reminds us that there are times to sing forth our own unique song.  You will be heard and you will be responded to."

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen