Friday, May 15, 2020

Mourning Dove: An Angel Message

On Monday evening after dinner, while enjoying the outdoors, I noticed the tall old pine in the back yard had a bounty of bright new green pine cones.  Nature is abundant.  Not too far off, I heard the soft drawn out coo of a mourning dove, a sorrowful call like a lament...


A similar call to the owl, but more frequent and softer.

Before long, the soft flapping of gentle wings folded, landing high in the pine treetop.

Out on a limb, against a cloudless blue sky, a sweet mourning dove perched in the glow of even tide.

Her expression was curious and made me smile.  She appeared to be looking down from her lofty perch, wondering how to get back down to the ground.   

It wasn't a problem for her.

Before long, she let out a distinct whistle, and spread her wings in the blue sky heading off in a new direction.

Her unique whistle peaked my curiosity.  I wondered why mourning doves always whistle before taking flight?  Is it their way of announcing, "Get ready!  Here I come!"

A little research on-line turned up the answer.  The whistling sound comes from the air that vibrates the tips of their flight feathers as the mourning dove takes off.

What a lovely thought -- wings that automatically sing as you take flight.  

Later, I looked up the symbolism, in gratitude for her uplifting message:  "When the dove sings, we can expect life to settle.  We will move from the difficult cycle into one of greater rest and peace of mind.  Dove heralds a time of new cycles and new worlds about to open."

That's good we all look forward to brighter days.   Let's take a lesson from the mourning dove and release what has passed, and prepare for a new birth.  Remember to give a little whistle in gratitude for the lessons learned, as we spread our wings and take flight in an upward direction.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Rae Karen