Sunday, May 31, 2020

Turtle Digs: An Angel Message

On Saturday, it had rained hard in the afternoon and early evening. At dusk, from the sun-room window, I happened to see this shiny wet backed turtle out in the front yard.  His behavior was interesting.   Rather than sheltering under a bush, he was digging in a bald sandy spot in the middle of the lawn. 

Slowly and methodically, I watched him scoop out sand to create a comfortable place to rest.  Night was falling as those powerful back legs shoveled away while he anchored himself to the ground with his front legs.   

I must confess that his choice of location brought a sense of peaceful gratitude.  And, I was thankful that Elliot and I had recently postponed sodding that bald patch.  Everything is in divine order. 

The turtle's actions were so deliberate, it must have been an angel message.  I wondered what was the lesson? 

In revisiting the turtle meaning, I learned that in many societies, turtle was a symbol for Mother Earth. The shell represented the world which turtle carried on its back. Turtle's appearance always indicates that a new world is opening, and with it new opportunities.  Turtle indicates that our more primal senses are awakening physically and spiritually. 

When turtle appears, we are reminded that it is time to connect to our primal senses.  We have gone within our shell, and now we must come out.  The ideas are ready to be expressed.  If we express and act upon these ideas, we will succeed.

At bedtime, I looked for him once more. 

That trusting turtle had settled in his chosen place under the night sky.  After saying goodnight,  I went to sleep, content to have such a distinguished guest.

This morning,  I peeked out the window first thing, but the turtle had moved on, leaving only the imprint of his digs as a reminder of his stay.   

The race continues... and like the turtle, we keep pressing on to victory.   

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen