Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The Cherub and the Tortoise: An Angel Message

Many years ago, at a garden center in Virginia Beach, an unlikely "dynamic duo" brought a burst of needed enthusiasm.  A tortoise and a cherub! At that time, my life was somewhat a tiresome race, with many hurdles, and I was doing my best to stay in it.  So finding this surprising victory symbol brought a gleeful smile.  After all, the slow-moving, humble tortoise had won his race, against all odds, by doing his best, lumbering toward the finish line.

I knew it was a keeper.  Toting the concrete cherub-and-tortoise statue to the garden cashier, I  was thankful for the loving reminder that we, too, have angels who have "our backs" and gently encourage us to keep on going, and never give up.  To run our own race, in victory.  

Last week tortoise energy popped up again.   The large ancient-looking gopher tortoise who lives in a hollow next door taught me a lesson.  He must have listened to the angel riding on his back.  

To my dismay, on Saturday, the property owner came barreling through the pasture, riding a shiny new orange lawn tractor... 

I worried about the old slow moving tortoise...

Would he stay hunkered down in the safety of  his sandy hollow, protected by the trees?  

I sent up a little prayer for the angels to keep him safe. 

 Dirt and sand kicked up a cloud of dust as that loud machinery circled round the trees, coming closer and closer.  

I hoped that hard-shelled tortoise wouldn't take flight from fright, and unwisely make a run for it across the pasture.    

But, it seems I need not have worried.  

Yesterday afternoon, I happened to look out the window at a joyful sight.  A big beautiful brown mound of slow-moving armor was out and about, freely roaming the freshly cut pasture, munching  on the greens in the sunlit pasture.  And, me learning to use my powerful zoom camera.  

Tortoise is symbolic of being successful in moving under pressure.  But, as my thick-shelled new neighbor taught me, divine timing is the key to victory when running a race. 

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen