Saturday, August 1, 2020

7 Great Egret: An Angel Message

When an angel message appears in nature, there is a sudden realization, an inner-knowing to slow down and pay attention. There are no random acts.  What you see is an outer reflection of an inward consciousness, on some level, that is sending a signal for you to go deeper.    To become aware of another lens in which to know the world around you, and to find peace with a greater understanding of God's Love. 

This morning on the way to the farmer's market, coming around the bend by the lake, far off I spotted a stately tall bird perched conspicuously on the water level post.  The appearance of the Great Egret in that unusual stance was an angel message to take a detour and spend time by the lake.  The sun was so bright that it seemed impossible to get a photo, so I thought, (which has happened before) but with the help of the angels I met with some success.

The Great White Egret brings a message of strong spiritual reliance. When the photo was uploaded, I could see a bold number 7 on the wooden measurement post. The long white neck of this elegant wader, curved in the shape of an "S", stood out as a reminder to fully rely on Spirit.  Seven is a number of completion and perfection. And it was a new sign on the marker.  With the tropical storm in the forecast for our region this weekend,  the 7 Great Egret was a comforting reminder to keep thoughts on high, knowing God is Love, and all is well. 

I'm thankful for these loving nature messages that encourage us to stand tall in the light during these times of extreme adversity.  How comforting to remember angels are here with us.  We are not alone.  When we still our minds from the outer turmoil and go within to find the peace of God, the inner is reflected in the outer, and we are blessed with angel messages that are lovingly reflected in the outer world.  Messages that bring strength and help us to grow spiritually day by day.

Wishing you a peaceful and joyful day with your Angels.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen