Monday, August 3, 2020

A Heavenly Forecast : An Angel Message

Yesterday afternoon, what a surprise to watch this large Red-shouldered hawk fly across the yard and land on a fence post in the rain.  His sudden arrival was timely as Hurricane Isaias had been downgraded, losing its wind power and moving farther east out to sea.  Thank you for all your prayers and meditations that helped to calm the storm here in Florida.  God is Love. And, we continue to work with prayers and the angels as Isaias moves north.

 When the hawk photo was uploaded, it brought a smile.  The hawk was perched on top of the rain gauge!  With his yellow beak looking upward, the angel message seemed to be a reminder to keep doing our inner work, and leave the results to God and His angels.  (Yellow is the color of faith.) 

In the evening, around sundown, the sky took on a beautiful golden "Kodachrome" hue that reflected everywhere.  Such peacefulness blanketed the earth, and the living portrait of a touch of heaven became even more perfect when a large gentle brown deer pranced by in the gold lit pasture. It was moving too fast for a photo, but left a heartwarming memory.   Deer is the gentle call to a new adventure...

And, with our many trials, we are being asked to trust God and come up higher.  Victory is assured.

Stay strong and don't ever quit. Angels are with you to help, protect, and guide. 

Love and light,

Rae Karen