Wednesday, August 12, 2020

A Tiny Surprise from a Bonsai : An Angel Message

What angel messages from nature are catching your attention today?

With a big affinity for little things, nature presented an unexpected gift yesterday.  The baby brown anole in yesterday's blog prompted action to clean up the porch.  The low humidity and cooler temp. made it an ideal time to pick up my broom and get busy.  As you know, one thing often leads to another, and before long, I was on the move, rearranging potted plants and furniture. Little did I know this would set the stage for an afternoon surprise.  On my way out, our little bonsai tree in her new spot by the back door caught my attention in a BIG way. 

To my surprise a tiny circle web,  no bigger than a dime, was suspended from the middle of the  green bough of the bonsai juniper tree named Grace! I'd never seen such a little web, and was thankful for the lovely reminder of oneness.  Bonsai is a symbol of simplicity, harmony, and age.  The juniper represents the ability to overcome life's challenges. Something we're all working on right now, with grace and help from within and the heavenly host.

Staring at the perfect tiny spiral, intricately spun round and round by a masterful little weaver, I wondered about the angel nature message. 

What first came to mind had to do with size.  It matters not how big or how small our creation is.  The most important thing is to be constructive, and to create with love. The circle of life unites all with a single golden thread of light within each of us. 

 Spider energy brings a message to create...create...create.  When spider appears it's time to weave something new, with love. Trust feeling rather than seeing.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen