Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Love Will Make a Way: An Angel Message

Yesterday morning, while at my desk, I looked out the window, wondering what nature angel messenger may show up today.  There was no sign of wildlife anywhere, smiling I told myself, you don't have to have a blog everyday.  

What happened next caught me by surprise.  

At that moment, my eyes shifted,  and, there, inside the screened-in porch, a baby brown anole was looking my way, resting on the top of our Marian statue! It could have been my imagination, but he seemed satisfied that he had finally caught my attention.  The baby anole stayed on the Queen of the Angels for most of the morning, and in the afternoon he disappeared.     

Early this morning, taking a walk down the country road, a larger brown anole crossed our path.  He was hanging out on metal gated fence, looking out at the green pasture.

Before long, he sent out his love light, hoping to find a mate.

Returning home, I spotted a lonesome leaf in the shape of a heart.  It seemed oddly out of place on the driveway near the passenger side of our car. Playfully, I took it for a nature valentine from the angels.  Love was in the air.   A quick look at the surrounding trees confirmed the unusual leaf  hadn't come from any of their branches. 

"It must have blow in,"  Elliot said, as I picked it up.  "And, it looks like a heart."

The winds had delivered the heart leaf.  What a lovely thought.  

Love can blow into our lives when least expected, uniting hearts in the most unlikely ways. So if you are feeling alone just now, and discouraged that you may not meet your soul-mate, take heart that when two people are destined to be together, nothing can keep them apart.  Love will always make a way.

Love, joy, and peace,

Rae Karen