Friday, August 7, 2020

Choose Happy: An Angel Message

Before my 96-year old Mom went to heaven, we often talked about what it may be like on the other side.  Before her final lift-off, I made a request, that if she could, to please let me know that she was happy when she got there. 

Imagine my surprise, several weeks after her passing, to receive an amazing gift in the mail. A friend had sent an angel figurine holding a bright star.  The comforting inscription on her heavenly gown, brought a rush of goosebumps and a big smile. In that moment, it felt as though Mom had reached through the veil and playfully tapped me on the shoulder.   

Perhaps they are not Stars,
but rather openings
where our
Loved ones
shine down
to let us
know they are Happy. 

Yesterday marked the 6-year anniversary of my mother's earthly graduation.  The day began with the wild pig running through our yard, tail wagging, on her way back home to the woods. It had been awhile since she was last seen.  "Mama" I laughed.   As I've shared before, Mom always had an affinity for pigs, having one as a pet on the farm where she grew up.  She also collected a wide variety of pigs in her curio cabinet--gifts from friends and family, over the years.

The angels of laughter were at play yesterday. Late in the afternoon, a little package was delivered to our front door.  When I opened it up, I had a good laugh, unrolling the bright big queen pig's message.  Choose HAPPY!   Unknowingly, my brother had sent it right on time.   Choose Happy.  I loved the reminder that our loved ones are happy, and want us to be.  Love never dies.  And, neither do we as spiritual beings.  Death is like kicking off a tight shoe (the body).  It's gone but you're still you, ready to begin a brand new chapter WHOLE HOG in the pink.  :-D

Love and joy,

Rae Karen