Wednesday, October 7, 2020

A Little Armored One! An Angel Message

 Lately, the bird-feeder, filled with seed, had sat idle-- no cheerful red cardinals, peaceful doves, or little songbirds had come to visit. Even the feisty squirrels retreated, no longer swinging upside down from the wood feeder, chomping on sunflower seed.  Missing the animals, I could see the stark contrast of an empty world without the joy and love of our furry and feathered friends, both at home and in the wild.  

With this thought in mind, early Sunday morning, I sent up a prayer for the animals in gratitude for all the love they bring into our lives.  When I opened my eyes, what a surprise. Outside the window, at the far edge of the woods, a strange critter roamed the lawn.  

 An armadillo!  A first in the yard.  The angels must have been at work.   Hurrying for the camera, nature was patient, but he was on the move, rooting in the damp grass for breakfast, so the pics are blurred. 

It's not everyday one sees an armadillo.  The sighting seemed like a significant message so I revisited the symbolism. 

Turns out the armadillo is not only about personal protection, but discrimination and empathy.  The name is Spanish for "little armored one." 

Its overlapping bony plates are covered with horns, but the underbelly is ordinary hide.  So an armadillo is most vulnerable when they expose their undersides (or inner workings).  If threatened, it will roll up into a ball to protect its vulnerable parts. This animal can teach how to carry your protection with you, and how to use it only when necessary.  They can protect themselves without causing undue harm to another.  People who are extremely empathic will have an armadillo as a power animal.  

The armadillo hasn't been seen again, but that same afternoon, to my delight, there was a lifting.  Cardinals flew to the feeder, a squirrel scampered across the yard.  And, at the lake, nature was gathered in full force, as I gazed across the still waters to a peaceful sight.  A rookery of white ibis  roosting on tree branches by the lake. A lovely omen.  When an ibis appears, it's a call to a new and heightened spiritual understanding.  

And, I was thankful for the reminder how wonderful to take my cares and concerns up in prayer.  It's so comforting to know that we are not alone.  Our guardian angels are with us no matter where we are.  We can find peace in the stillness and rest in God's everlasting love.  We can breathe in new life and ask to see the world through the lens of divine love. 


Love and peace,

Rae Karen

(Ref.Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews)