Monday, October 19, 2020

An Enlightened Treefrog: Angel Message

 Okay, this is one of those unusual nature messages that you can't make happen, and so when it does, the lesson is always about staying mindful of the presentation, and learn from it, in gratitude.

On Sunday morning after meditation, something caught my attention out the window.  From a distance, it looked as though a super slug had fastened itself to the lantern post in the front yard. But, then it changed direction, and out popped four little legs.  It wasn't a slug, but a cute little treefrog!

The sight of it clinging to the lamp post brought a grateful smile.    Frog is an acronym for: (F)ully (R)ely (O)n (G)od. 

 Saturday night's heavy rains must have drawn the little fellow out to dry in the light of a new day.  The unusual pose he struck--with those tiny suction cup fingers clinging to the triple lantern post, seemed like a message.  Stay focused on the Light, and don't let go no matter what!  The triple lantern brightly glows 24/7, and is powered by the community where we live.

What happened next caught me by total surprise.  

The lesson on Light was not over yet.   From the window, Elliot pointed to a hole on the weathered lamp post.  It was a small hole on the pole beneath the tree frog.  He's going into that hole!  Elliot shouted, watching at the window.  The idea was so absurd, I didn't even bother to look. 

"There's no way he can fit!"  I laughed.

Elliot then shouted, watching the performance.  "He did it!  He squeezed into that small hole!"

Like a doubting Thomas, I looked out the sun-room window.  

The treefrog was not there! 

 Somehow he was flexible enough to maneuver his pudgy body into that small opening. It did seem like a miracle.  

We laughed at the demonstration, and the powerful angel message to seek refuge in the Light during these tumultuous times of spiritual acceleration.  The little frog fully relied on God, and lived in the Light.  He was at home in the Light.

So whatever problem you may be facing today, take to heart the lesson of the little treefrog. Fear not. Fully rely on God, -- stay flexible, and, against all odds, Divine Love will make a way for you to find refuge in the Light.   Angels are here on this journey to comfort and guide.  Nothing is impossible with God.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen