Friday, October 9, 2020

Upon Quiet Reflection: An Angel Message

 Elliot and I were out and about before 8:00 a.m. eager to go to the annual town/community garage sale today.  Turns out, the best item was free, a gift from nature.  As we rounded the familiar bend in the road, the lake was unusually amazing.  The still quiet waters were like a spotless shiny mirror, reflecting with great clarity blue sky and green trees.  The peaceful scene was irresistible, and so we stopped to reflect on the wonder of a new day, along with a pair of sandhill cranes enjoying the serenity of the lake.  We thanked the angels.  Bargains could wait...this was the real reason for getting out so early.  Shopping would have to wait...

When this graceful image was uploaded, I could see the sandhill had posed with a "leg up". His stance appears to be on the fringe of a keyhole portal...heaven and earth merging in oneness-- the outer reflects the inner, and the inner the outer.  Peace is reflected in peace.  Gazing at the serene photo, I got an angel clue.  The key to finding and keeping my peace is to still my mind and stay watchful for any disturbing thoughts that try to stir the calm waters. Crane is about creativity.   

Today I give my mind a rest and find peace in gratitude for each moment.  "Watch with me, angels..."


Love and peace,


Rae Karen