Thursday, December 17, 2020

On the Outside Looking In: An Angel Message

Instead of opening an advent calendar door, it's been interesting to watch what animals may pop up to celebrate the coming of Christmas.  Yesterday was a squirrelly day.  It began early in the morning when a young gray squirrel struck a pose outside the window.  Clinging to the tall tree trunk, instead of being right-side-up, he was unpredictably spontaneous.  Upside-down, stretched to the max, he looked at me with a nut in his mouth.  

Lately, a family of playful young squirrels has been busy, scampering about the yard, burying their acorns.  Sometimes it's hard to tell if they are looking to dig up the old, or plant the new.   Squirrels have a keen sense of smell and can eventually find their cache if they forget where they hid them. 

Later, something amusing happened, a unique hide-and-seek game.  

A little squirrel bravely came up to the sun-room slider.  On the narrow rocky ledge, he stood on his haunches, determined to look inside the house.  His little paw was raised against the glass as he curiously peered inside.  Wide-eyed, he stared up at the Christmas tree, wondering how did THAT grow in there.  An added touch is a bushy life-like squirrel ornament on a branch, a gift from a friend in Christmases past.

It's not everyday a squirrel peeps in your window, so I took the hint and looked up the symbolism.  Squirrel teaches about the need for balance between work and play.  It's important to prepare for the future, but don't get lost in the preparations and miss out on the spontaneity of  today.  Now is the time to find ways to gather and to gift. 

His playful curiosity brought a helpful reminder; it was time to fill up the empty bird feeder.  


Love and peace,

Rae Karen