Monday, December 14, 2020

Last but not least: An Angel Message

The last shall be first...

Remember the slow-growing brown amaryllis bulb that seemed like a dud?  All three plants had been planted at the same time in early November.  But this one (a striped variety) appeared to be cold and aloof to any loving care to help it grow up and bloom.

A lesson was unfolding about the wisdom of divine timing, and the power of faith when there is no evidence to keep on going.  The slow-growing floral apostle, dwarfed day-by-day, could have lost hope if comparing its success to those around her.  A lowly stub, alone, in the shadows of a rich red profusion of trumpeting velvety flowers in the pots on either side of it could be challenging. It could be easy to lose hope. Why not give up, it's not going to happen to me. I don't have what it takes... 

 Rather than quit, the faithful bulb teacher quietly worked within herself, doing her best one day at a time.  A work in progress, steadily her stalk grew stronger, rising up. 

Then, something amazing happened.  A rapid robust acceleration brought her to new heights, high above the other beautiful trumpeters.

There in that expansive view, she had room to stretch out and bloom.  Triumphant, orange-and-white starry petals opened wide, crowning the festive Amaryllis flower-box with a gift of Christmas JOY!    

I'm thankful for the lessons from the amaryllis this season.  The angelic reminder not to give up, no matter what.  For everything there is a season, so keep on having faith and doing the inner work, the best is yet to come.  We are all flowers in the Master's Garden.

In the Victorian Age, an amaryllis indicated success after a struggle. It is a flower that represents a job well done.  :-D

Love, joy, and peace,

Rae Karen