Sunday, December 13, 2020

Guest Who Came By for Breakfast? Angel Message

 This morning a foggy mist blanketed the winter sky.   Elliot and I skipped our usual routine and had a bowl of warm oatmeal before meditating.  Creatures of habit, we were enjoying breakfast when I happened to look up.  

This young deer was grazing in the grass outside the sun-room.   Not wanting to disturb the tranquility of the morning meal, no attempt was made for a photo.  The gentle deer stayed so long, gracing the lawn with its beauty, that it seemed like a sign to get my camera.  If it were meant to be, he'd still be there when I returned.  

But he was gone, leaving the blessing of his visit.   

After breakfast, during our meditation, an angel prompted, open your eyes.   I was glad I listened. 

 Isn't he beautiful?

With the camera at hand, a couple of photos were easily taken from the window to share the angel message with you. 

When a deer appears, it is a time to be gentle with yourself and others.  A new innocence and freshness is about to be awakened or born.  There is going to be a gentle, enticing lure of new adventure.  Some questions to ask yourself:  Are you trying to force things?  Are others?  Are you being too critical and uncaring of yourself?  When deer show up there is an opportunity to express gentle love that will open new doors to adventure for you.  (Animal-Speak, T. Andrews)