Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Out in the Night: An Angel Message


On Monday night, as the sky began to darken, my inner child had a bright idea.  Take a drive to see the Christmas lights in the neighborhood.  So out into the night, Elliot and I hopped in the car for an adventure in wonderland.  It brought back forgotten memories of childhood when the family would pack into the car after dinner to see the glow of Christmas decorations.   

It was the majestic golden deer, with large antlers, that I'd seen standing tall in the sunlight that day that inspired our outing.  I wanted to see him sparkling in light near the entrance to the community.    


Deer also had crossed my path earlier that day.   On a spur of the moment trip to the store for red tree bows, I discovered the last deer ornament, a remnant from a Sunday sale.  


Deer always hold a special place in my heart...

I fondly recall the many white-tailed deer that came at night to eat the apples on the old tree when we lived on the farm in Virginia.  A deer sighting stirs my heart.  After all, don't the reindeer guide Santa's sleigh to bring Christmas gifts.  

The holiday sights in the neighborhood were festive, but more was to come.  As we turned for home, driving down the long narrow road, what to my wondering eyes should appear...  

Not one, but two small brown deer, they pranced in the headlights to bring holiday cheer.  

In tandem, they crossed the road before us, dashing through our yard.  Such a magical moment, we paused, but there was more to come.

 An angel thought whispered, Wait, there is one more.   

And, what joy when mother deer soon appeared out of the night, and followed her young fawns safely back to the forest.     

Only twice have I seen deer on the property, so the visit seemed significant.  So I revisited the symbolism of deer.

"If you encounter a deer, it wants to advise you to approach your life with precision but without pursuing rigid goals.  Turn over the guidance of your life exclusively to your higher self and follow its impulses with a great deal of dynamic energy.  There are certain times for certain steps in your life...* "

When a deer appears, it also may symbolize the lure to adventures.    I was happy the Christmas deer had called us out in the night.

Enjoy the day with your Angels. 

Peace and joy,

Rae Karen





Ref:  *Animal Messengers Regula Meyer

**Animal-Speak, Pocket Guide, Ted Andrews