Thursday, December 10, 2020

An Angel Lesson from the Amaryllis

The angels brought a lesson on not becoming discouraged when things seem to be at a standstill.  The three amaryllis bulbs planted in early November appeared to be duds.  But it turned out, that below the surface, beautiful flowers were developing in an amazing way.  Meanwhile the unsightly onion-like bulbs planted in fertile soil, were faithfully watered, but day after day, the stubby brown tip of the bulbs stuck up from the dirt, with no apparent change in sight.  It would be easy to get discouraged.

Finally, when a tiny green shoot peeked out of one bulb--it was so insignificant, the whole effort seemed doomed.  Yet at that stage, if one were to look deeper, under the soil, you would see how the intelligent bulb is secretly making preparations for victory.  It is building an extensive and strong root system to support the upcoming sudden rapid growth of the tall sturdy stem, with its large red trumpeting flowers.  

Once the groundwork is ready, everything speeds up. The stalks grow tall with a joyful explosion of rich velvety red blossoms that appear in a matter of days.  Turns out, the ugliest bulb in the pot put on quite a show.  Its two strong green stalks were anchored to support eight wonderful big red blossoms.   While the slowest growing, shortest plant has yet to bloom, it now towers above the other two.   

Appearances are deceiving--that's why we can't rely on them.  

Prayer is like that at times.  Sometimes our prayers may seem as if nothing is happening.   Praying each day, with no outward sign of progress, we might feel like giving up.  Take heart, and remember the lesson of the amaryllis.  When our thoughts are rooted in God, don't think for a minute that nothing significant is in the works.  Although hidden, BIG changes are steadily taking place within.  Our understanding and perspective are silently being transformed.  Inner spiritual growth is actively at work for our highest good, for the renewal of our mind.  The end result is our blossoming realization that what God gives is truly ours, a gift of eternal love and life through Christ.

The Christmas flower is appropriately named for Mary, (the lily) the fairest flower in God's garden, who pondered many things in her heart as God performed a mighty work within her.   

"Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law."  (Psalm 17:7) 

Enjoy your day with the Angels. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen