Wednesday, March 27, 2024

A Gentle Reminder from a Rabbit

  An animal's eyes have the power 
to speak a great language.  
                    --Martin Burber


A Rabbit Noticed My Condition

I was sad one day and went for a walk; 
I sat in a field.
A rabbit noticed my condition and came near.
It often does not take more than that to help at times--
to just be close to creatures
who are so full of love that they don't chat,
they just gaze with their marvelous understanding.

         --St. John of the Cross   (Love Poems from God)

It's comforting to realize we're always in the presence of Divine Love.   Even in our darkest hour, Love has sent an angel to entertain us unaware.

Peace to you today as you draw closer to your angels, and remember God loves you now and always.


Rae Karen