Monday, June 24, 2024

When a Cardinal Appears: An Angel Message

Early this morning, sleepily spreading cracked corn by the drive, all was quiet and still after the rain last night. The trees drenched, everything renewed and refreshed. The earth was blanketed with peace.  Shuffling along, suddenly, I was awakened.  The soggy collage of brown leaves and green grass sprang to life.  Startled, I looked down.  By my feet, a cute wide-eyed rabbit emerged in a furry brown coat of camouflage. 

"Oh, Good morning!" I softly greeted my hungry friend.  "Sorry I didn't see you at first." Shiny black eyes stared up at me.  Her tall ears tuned on-high like an antenna.  I remembered rabbit represents new life, new beginnings, and fertility.   Rather than run away in fear, she stayed her ground and nibbled on the yellow seed.   

Later, when I looked out again, a red cardinal had joined her.  You can't make these things happen. I grabbed my camera, not expecting much through the screen door.  I snapped away, but the angels delivered a photo for you. Cardinals always remind me of my angel mom.  A sign her love is reaching through the veil to encourage me just when needed the most.  

The two communed by the old gray metal windmill near the driveway.  Many years ago, I spotted the towering garden ornament waving on a corner in a desperate call for help. The windmill was about to be turned into scrap.  A ten dollar bargain, a friend helped us haul it home.   Windmills stir my mind with thoughts of my faith-filled Grandma Jessie, mom's mother. A real working windmill had pumped water into her old white two-story farmhouse. If I close my eyes, I can still hear creaking as the wheel slowly spun, round and round in the winds of change.    

The Circle of Life goes round and round.  

I am thankful for a little brown rabbit and a bright red cardinal. New life, loved ones are near.   A reminder to walk by faith and not by sight, to listen and stay attuned to the inner voice of Spirit.  I'm learning more each day that the unseen realm is more real than the material world we perceive with our five senses.  Bodies may come and go, but the spirit of life and love lives on forever.  There is no death.  

So no matter whatever you may be going through, remember the unseen realm.  There is more going on than your physical eyes can discern.  You are growing in Spirit.   Remember your divine heritage.  You are in a body but you are not your body.  You are a holy Child of God.  

Be still and listen... Love always makes a way.

May your spirit soar to new heights today as you embrace your true identity.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen