Wednesday, June 12, 2024

A Gift of Light from Damsel Flies

 All things work together for a hungry cat pawing my back before dawn usually plants my feet on the floor.  I've become rather fond of the quiet alone time as I step outside with a cup of birdseed to greet a new day.  And, each day begins with a story to tell. A signature theme in nature.

This morning I scattered the seed on the wet grass by the driveway. No sign of wildlife.  No bunnies, squirrels, or birds.  A heavy gray sky from torrents of rain had refreshed the trees and shrubs. A relief from several days of blistering heat. 

In quiet stillness, I looked up at the gray sky and gave thanks. To my surprise, a tiny damsel-fly appeared circling close above me! Animated, she did a happy dance without sunlight to reflect her beautiful wings yet her joy was contagious as I watched her fly close by, always circling back an arm's reach above my head. Dragon flies had been my dear writer friend's symbol of the afterlife. I welcomed the winged angel messenger with grateful thoughts of Joanna, now on the other side.  Whenever I see a damsel fly I think of her.

To my surprise, as my enthusiasm grew watching her, so did the number of damsel flies quickly increase. One by one, they appeared in fine gauze double wings, enjoying a dance in the misting rain.  Mesmerized, I watch the damsel flies chase after each other, putting on a show.  Joyfully, I welcomed each little one reflecting on my departed loved ones now in the Light. With gratitude, I then recalled dragonflies/damsel flies are symbols of light.  More than a dozen had joined in a celebration that seemed to transcend this world. What a gift!

Inspired, later more research on the damsel fly revealed:  "(Shine and heal).  Your intuition and perceptions are clear now.  You are entering a new stage on your path.  Step forward, Illumine and heal." 

But, more was to come...

 After writing about the wonderful damsel fly parade in my journal, a doubting ego thought prompted, Grab your camera and see if you can capture a picture of the damsel flies.  I knew it was silly, but I did it anyway.  Of course, the damsel flies had vanished...but as I looked across toward the garage. I caught another reflection of light in the glass pane on the garage door.  The symbol for this spiritual year (5784) is the Door.   

You can't make these things happen... An old rugged cross illumined by a light appeared in the window of the garage door.  I stared at it for the longest time, and then took a picture.


The damsel flies had delivered another message to trust in the power of light.  "Life is never what it appears so try to see through the illusions.  As the light shifts so do our perceptions, and they are very accurate now."    A wonderful message for all during these dark days of transformation.

Light. Light. And, more Light.  Coming back into the house, Christ's Words, I am the Resurrection and the Life came to mind. Whosoever believeth in Me shall never see death.  

May your day be overflowing with grace and goodness as you draw closer to the Light of Christ.  Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen 

Ref: Damsel fly Pocket Guide, Animal Speak, Ted Andrews