Tuesday, June 25, 2024

By Leaps and Bounds: Angel Message

 Yesterday's wait at Tires Plus was a lesson in patience as Elliot and I sat in the car in the heat of a hot summer day.  The ice cream store next door was closed on Mondays.  Looking up at fluffy white clouds, a tiny glint of color caught my eye.  Gliding ahead of giant billowy white clouds, a lone skydiver appeared.  Watching him sail the friendly skies after making a daring leap out of a plane at nearby Sky Dive Academy, I envied his bird's eye view on-high. 

A rare treat, I zoomed in from an astronomical distance. Struggling to focus on what appeared like a tiny candy sprinkle on a vanilla-frosted cake, I asked the angels for help.  They delivered.  The colorful parachute canopy turned out to be a rainbow. An uplifting sign of God's promise of deliverance-- no matter how great the clouds in our life may loom.


The evening before, another surprise had graced our neighborhood.  On a walk, my son suddenly spotted a real rainbow, high up in the clouds, fading, but visible. 

But something else happened during our wait at Tires Plus.  I spotted something move... ever so slightly. Straining to see, I could barely make out the unlikely brown form of a little frog that blended in with the pebbled concrete. I let out a laugh of disbelief, feeling the jolt of an angel tune-up. Really? A frog at the tire maintenance garage.   

The angels were on a roll. The acronym for F.R.O.G.  Fully Rely on God.  Frog it!

To prove it really happened, I leaped out of the car. BOING! BOING!  Strong hind legs stretched to the max bouncing him up high in the air, in the shadows of the bushes by the TIRES PLUS SIGN.  In the blink of an eye, the brown frog sprang round the brick wall, and disappeared.  Only wisps of heat steamed the vacant parking lot.  Gone in a single bound, but not forgotten, I got it. Frog it!  NO matter how trying the circumstances of our trials may be, do your best and fully rely on God.

The skydiver and the leaping frog were playful angel messages to keep having faith on high.   And, we had been blessed with four new tires. 

Joyfully watch for angel messages to come your way today to help you lighten up.  Isn't it wonderful that we are never alone? We have angels watching over us.  The best is yet to be. 

Love, joy and peace,


Rae Karen