Sunday, June 23, 2024

Doing the Impossible: An Angel Message


It felt good rooting around in the dirt again, creating a meditation garden underneath the palm trees in the cool of the dawn.  Long neglected, weeding, and a fresh infusion of beauty was needed.  Terracotta pots hauled out of the garage were soon smiling with cheerful periwinkles, and red geraniums.  After several hours, my early morning enthusiasm had stirred my tired blood as the garden came back to life, and so did I. 

The day heated up. A garden is a work in progress.  Satisfied, I returned to the sun room to enjoy the new view.  While talking to Elliot, I felt a slight stirring on top of my head.  I  brushed off a tiny black ball that landed on the carpet by the coffee table.   Busy talking, I didn't pay any attention to it until our curious cat did.  A soft fuzzy-striped honey bee! She had been resting on top of my head as I busily buzzed around the garden.  In that moment, strange as it seemed, the image of a honey bee crowning my head warmed my heart.  I wondered about the symbolism?  Over the years, working closely with nature, I've learned to replace fear with love and see the beauty and helpfulness of all life in harmony. 

Soon the little honey bee was back outdoors, enjoying the sweet nectar of life.  

Synchronicity was at play. The next day a letter from Earth Justice landed in our mail box. "Honey bees may be small, but they play a giant role in providing food on our tables.  Their electromagnetic charge turns them into tiny flying magnets, carrying and transferring pollen from flower to flower."  Each spring, honey bees pollinate almonds, apples, apricots, lemons, squash, zucchini and dozens of other fruits.  Honey bees need our protection from harmful insecticides.

As strands in the web of life, you and I and all the plants and animals are connected.  Let us be wise stewards of our earth.  Bee represents doing the impossible.  May our days be crowned with a bee reminding us that all things are possible with the Love of God.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen