Friday, May 5, 2023

A Dashing Surprise at Sunset: An Angel Message

 On May 1st, while watching the movie, Last Chance Harvey, something dashed by the sun-room catching my eye through the vertical blinds. I bounced up from the sofa to take a look.

I was glad I did.

Out on the lawn, at sunset, stood a welcoming sight for sore eyes.  A graceful juvenile deer stood still in the grass, his back to me--looking forward--sniffing the wind for direction.   

I was caught in a moment of grace--it had been over a year since the deer came by, and there he was, a beautiful deer, standing tall in the yard.  I watched him slowly walk to the fence overlooking the reservoir. Alone, he seemed to be looking for his family. 

His deliberate visit seemed important.

I know deer brings a message that you are gently being guided on a new adventure.  But further research revealed, when you encounter a deer, approach your life with precision, but without pursuing rigid goals.  Turn over the guidance of your life exclusively to your higher self, and follow the impulses with a great deal of dynamic energy.  There are certain times for certain steps.  And, the season a deer appears is significant.

In May and June, the deer comes to announce a new beginning.  

Examine yourself to become conscious of your strength, and find loving and gentle ways to express that strength.  Tone down your affectations a little; perhaps, they are burying your natural dignity.  Quietly stand by your gentle and caring sides, work on yourself, and on what's important to you, and allow yourself to be affectionate.

Deer is the bringer of wholeness, energy from light.  Open yourself to the universe; let the impulses from above flow into yourself to help control your strength.  "You are no longer controlled from outside, and the gifts of the universe will be able to manifest in your life."

I'm grateful for the uplifting guidance that comes through nature.  A reminder to go within to seek the answers needed during this time of rapid change and acceleration.  As always, it's wonderful to remember we are never alone.  God speaks to each of us throughout the day using the language of the heart we most readily understand.  We are never alone.  His angels are with you to guide you in all your ways.  Keep on looking up.  The best is yet to be.  

Love and peace,


Rae Karen 

(Animal-Messengers, Regula Meyers)