Monday, May 8, 2023

Half-in or half-out: An Angel Message

Sometimes an amusing message from nature will catch you off-guard.  What appears to be stuck is not always the's a matter of choice in the moment.  

That's what this amusing long-tailed gecko recently taught me. At dusk, I went out on the front porch to pick up an Amazon delivery. When I grabbed the box off the bench, I happened to look down.   

 A little gecko appeared to be stuck in a hole in the cement under the bench!  His head and upper torso swallowed up in a deep round hole (formed when the concrete had been poured on the porch years ago).   

Taken aback, I looked closer.  What was going on?

A hint of guilt emerged at the sudden reflection of my own thinking at times.

Half-in, or half-out is not a whole commitment.  It's to be neither here nor there, but stuck in the middle.

If the little lizard was hiding, he was only fooling himself.  

I know lizard represents dream time, and letting go of old fears. 

Usually lizards are sensitive to vibrations, but he hadn't moved as I stared at his predicament,  wondering how to help. Expecting the worse, I was afraid of what I might see if  I pulled him out.   Elliot grabbed a paper napkin ready to retrieve the gecko.  When he reached down to tug it out, quickly it dropped down, disappearing in the hole.    

A happy ending! 

Curious about the deliberate angel message from nature, further research revealed:  When you encounter a lizard, it's most important to observe what it was doing at that moment. 

 I laughed. This had to be a first.   Its head was buried down a hole in the cement. Was it a sign for me to face my own fears? 

Or, it could be a message that concrete thinking has its loop holes in dream-time; there's a hidden hole to find refuge if you're willing to commit to greater depths in your spirit. 

Lizard is about dreams, and in this case a hint to keep your dreams for yourself hidden from view for now.

Enjoy your day with your guardian angel, and look for the happy things of God to come your way.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen