Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Snail Mail, Special Delivery! An Angel Message

Early this morning imagine my surprise when snail mail literally arrived at our front door.  Special delivery. This week's soggy weather had soaked the area with much needed rain. Returning home from the Farmers' Market, coming up the sidewalk, I stopped in my tracks. 

A super-sized slug posted on the concrete floor near the hole by the bench.   

Slugs are mostly considered slow and lazy, not the brightest greeting from the angels to start a damp day.  His long gray body had vertical racing stripes. I hoped a sign he was ready for the fast track. 

But I had misjudged this humble messenger.  I had forgotten a slug symbolizes movement toward the light, increasing fertility, and divination. 

More research revealed the slug is a member of the snail family, but has no shell. The slug was an ancient divination tool often considered sacred.  Its slimy trail offered guidance in the direction of life decisions.  

It turns out the shape of the slug is associated with the letter yud in the Hebrew alphabet. Yud is the most important letter as every letter is comprised of yuds.  

There was more good news.  When a slug appears, it's a sign we're opening to receive higher vision.  A new path is opening up to stimulate a greater commitment to spiritual life.  We're setting energy into motion that proclaims to the universe: "I am ready to accept change in my life!"

I looked at the slug with fresh vision.  The first slug that's come to visit in years.  And, best of all, the slug's appearance is a reminder we will soon recognize and realize the illumination that is always present within us.  Light.  With all the global challenges as well as personal trials, it's comforting to realize that we are each moving through darkness into the light of a new path. 

Many slugs are excellent climbers.  This unexpected ability signals that we can often do much more than we may have thought physically and spiritually possible.  Trust that you are more than you presently know or understand. 

I was grateful for the positive messages from the angels. Later, I looked out to see if he was still around, but he had moved on...toward the light.  Keep shining.  The best is yet to be.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen

(Animal-Wise- Ted Andrews)