Friday, May 12, 2023

Worth the Wait: An Angel Message

 Last evening, while enjoying a pizza carryout at the lake, the best entree was saved for last.  For several days, I wondered about the Sandhill crane couple.   The empty straw nest on the old pier was a happy sign. Their work was done. 

I wondered about the newborn colts.

The answer came.  Far across the lake, I could barely make out the familiar crane couple on the hill in the shadow of the palm trees.  

What about the babies? Did both large eggs hatch?  

Asking the angels for help,  I grabbed my camera, and zoomed in, sweeping the hillside into focus.  

Then, through the steady lens, I saw them.  A joyful sight. Not one, but two fuzzy brown colts trailing after mom and dad in the green grass of home. Victory!

The creative cranes taught me an inspiring lesson. Patience, perseverance, and endurance are rewarded.  In the end, it was well worth the wait.  But it wasn't easy.

Since the lake had flooded their usual habitat, the resourceful pair improvised. A nest of straw on a weathered old pier was the next best thing.  In all kinds of inclement weather, driving rains, gusting winds, T-storms-- the couple had persevered, hunkering down, taking turns warming their eggs.  


And, it paid off.  It was worth the wait.  Mission accomplished.        

I'm thankful for the angel messages from nature.  Sometimes, against all odds, conditions may seem to be a set-up for failure, but if we just do our best day-by-day, and stick to what we instinctively know to do, unseen help will see that we deliver.  Our creative endeavors will hatch on time.  So don't ever will be worth the wait, if we stay the course, and will to be of service.  Love will make a way.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen