Saturday, May 20, 2023

The Wood Stork's Sweet Communication: An Angel Message

 The other day I had a sweet tooth near a local bakery on the way home.  As I stood in line to order a chocolate chip cookie, Elliot motioned to me to look around the corner.  What kind of bird is this!

A large Wood Stork was pacing by the drive-thru window, waiting for service!  I could relate.

A first -- I laughed, greeting this discerning customer who knew the best place in town for homemade treats. 

I asked him for a photo, and he didn't ruffle his feathers, intent on his mission, he stared at the menu as if trying to decide the best dessert to order.

An odd looking bird--three feet tall, with thick white plumage up to his naked long neck that looks like wood, topped off with a dark bald head, and a long curved beak.   No doubt, there is something striking and special, in a style uniquely his own.  An original creation.

Since a Wood Stork can't make any noise, stances and motions are used to convey a message.  And, Woody, had no trouble expressing himself, posed at the bakery by the reservoir--home to Muscovys, Whistling Ducks, Ibis-- a happy gathering for feathered fowl to rest in the shade of the trees, and enjoy being loved. 

Before long, the kind bakery owner greeted the waiting flock with a handful of special treats, calling Woody by name.   

I've only seen Wood Storks a few times so it's a rare treat for me.  A signal to pay attention.  Storks relate to birth, unspoken communication, and creativity. His unusual behavior was part of his message.  

He was out of his element, trying something new.  Wood Storks feed in shallow waters, and slowly move their feet to scare the fish. Frightened, the fish swim to safety in what looks like a narrow space to hide between two large sticks.  But it's really the beak of the Wood Stork opened wide, under the water. So sensitive, it snaps shut as soon as the fish enter.  A message that sight is not always a prerequisite to get sustenance. 

Satisfied, Woody was on his way.  I noticed one large dark feather stuck up from his back, like a flag on a mailbox.  He had delivered an important message.  I got it.  Patience has its reward.


What angel messages are catching your attention?  God speaks through nature, and the volume is turned up the more we pay attention, and give thanks.  Enjoy your day with the angels.  The best is yet to be.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen