Monday, May 15, 2023

There has to be a better way: An Angel Message


Last week, Timothy Tortoise appeared in the pasture, to my delight, he lumbered along the fence toward our house.  I hurried out to greet him.  To my surprise, he poked his dark logger-head through the wire. Then he stretched his long neck through the gap, making progress. I could see the hopelessness of his situation.  His wide domed shell was too wide and too hard to gain clearance.  And, there he was, with no hope of advancing forward.  Stuck.  But the wise tortoise didn't push harder to force his way. Wisely, he backed up, saving time and energy.

There had to be a better way...

In the past, I would have worried.  Would he get stuck in the fence if I left him alone?  But, now I relaxed.  He had this covered.  He had what it takes to break free from any physical barrier.  With powerful shovel-like front claws, he could dig like a gopher, and crawl out from underneath the fence. If his will was strong enough.

In that unusual moment, I wondered what he was teaching me by demonstration.  The valuable lesson was in not trying to force my way through a tight, seemingly hopeless situation.  Step back, retreat and re-evaluate your options. You have the spiritual tools to break free of any ego limitations.  There has to be a better dig deep within for the answers.  Your angels will provide guidance, when you step back from what isn't flowing easily, and listen.  You have what it takes to move ahead.  Patience, love, and gratitude hold the key.  And, remember, the tortoise won the race...

Love and peace,

Rae Karen