Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Faith Grows in a Garden

Several years ago I read a book, Feng Shui for Dummies. The author, David Daniel Kennedy, stated that our yard reflects the state of our mind. Could that be true? I wondered, looking out at the tall thick weeds bordering the fence on our rental property. The landlord mowed regularly, but it was no frills maintenance.

The book inspired me to get going. I set aside my fear of poison ivy. With a box of heavy duty Glad bags, I ripped through the weeds in a long afternoon. Once the area was cleared, I invited the angel of the garden to help me. I set an intention to honor the earth and co-create with nature. Much to my surprise, the universe got busy to help. Doors opened.

First, my friend Franny, directed me to a house that was soon to be demolished. All the irises were waiting to be rescued. Rocks were plentiful from a rock garden and bricks to make borders. A landscaper's dream come true.

Elliot and I collected all the bounty and I began to learn to co-create with the angel of the garden. My neighbor gave me extras from her yard. I learned that every flower, tree, and bush has its angel. In a matter of weeks, our garden was beginning to coalesce into a work of art that had nothing to do with my talents. I just found my hands going here and doing this, adding that. Before long, it was amazing, as the meditation garden looked like it had been around a long, long, time.

Working in the garden was healing as I stayed focused in the now, enjoying the time spent outside. I woke up each day excited as to what may unfold. One morning in meditation, I asked the Lord, "What would You have me learn today?" I wrote down the following:

"I speak in the language of flowers, My smile on Earth. There are so many beautiful varieties to express My Love. All born from a tiny seed yet holding the matrix for much beauty. With a little tender loving care, all things grow. Watch what you water. Are they seeds of hope and faith? Or aggressive weeds that soon spoil the beauty of your garden? For what you water will grow and bear fruit. Try to think on the bright side and stay in the moment like a flower standing still waiting on Me to provide the ingredients to blossom. A little sunshine. A cloud burst of rain. A soft breeze to tickle your tendrils. I will gradually unfold your petals, one by one, at the right moment for all to behold thy beauty in Me. Stay watchful of Me and not of the seeming problems. They will dissipate like clouds breaking up on a warm summer's day. Rainbows will appear where there were none. Put all your faith in Me and keep tending the garden of your mind. Think only loving thoughts and soon Love will blossom like never before and you will see that all is good."

By honoring the nature angels and appreciating where I was living at the time, the energy shifted. Little did I know it set a stepping stone for a future move to a farm.

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