Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hare at Stonehenge

Last week while going through my old journals, I came across a dream I had about the story of The Hare and the Cross. It was a well-known tale in my dream, but when I woke up I couldn't remember any of it.

This morning shortly after dawn I watched from my bedroom as the birds and squirrels fed off the sunflower seeds in the meditation garden. Suddenly they all scattered at once. I wondered what scared them off. A larger animal appeared from behind the green wood shed. Hidden by the bushes, I couldn't make out what it was at first. To my delight, it was a brown rabbit. Hungry, she sniffed at the large clay dish filled with bird seed. I didn't know rabbits ate seeds? She was either awful hungry or else just plain curious about all the breakfast fuss with the other animals.

The rabbit didn't feed long. I watched her with a sense of fascination. A rabbit on the path in the meditation garden seemed like a significant sign. I stood still at the bedroom slider, not wanting to scare her as she hopped toward me. Coming close to the bedroom steps, she stopped to eat some green grass. Just like a real Easter bunny. Afterwards, I watched her white cotton tail hop over the hostas and pink impatiens and into the woods.

Before long, she came back again, facing me. Her large brown eyes reflected the morning sunshine. In that moment, there seemed to be a fine thread that connected us. My heart was full of love for her and her journey that involved trust. She was out in the open. No longer under the protection of the apple tree. She seemed to be encouraging me that all is well. To drop worry, fearful thoughts and be free, enjoying the moment to moments that make Life. I thanked her for her message and she disappeared into the woods.

Her visit reminded me of another special morning in September '98 at Stonehenge. A brown hare appeared in the circle grazing by the stone megaliths. Maybe you can see her in this picture. In his book, Animal Speak, Ted Andrews writes that "rabbit (hare) is symbolic of fertility and new life... In Egyptian hieroglyphics it was associated with the concept of being."

I love it when Nature speaks. If anyone knows the story of The Hare and the Cross, I would love to hear it.

May your day be filled with angelic blessings.