Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Michaelmas Day!

The universe is full of surprises when we can get out of our own way. We found ourselves at the right place at the right time while on a trip to England. One afternoon, weary from walking the grounds of the Glastonbury Abbey, I tried to beg off making the 500-ft climb to the top of the Tor to see the ruins of St. Michael's church. Much to our surprise, when we entered the tower, a small church service was beginning in honor of St. Michael and All the Angels. It was Michaelmas Day! The next thing we knew we were handed prayer books and began singing in honor of the archangels. The priest sprinkled us with holy water as the wind gusted through the old stone tower. Toward the end of the service, a young man, who looked like King Arthur, joined us with an owl perched on his shoulder. It did seem very much like I was awake in a dream.

Thank you, Archangel Michael, for all your service and Happy Michaelmas Day to all.