Saturday, September 19, 2009

Charlotte's Web

As a kid I was scared to death of spiders until I read Charlotte's Web. My heart softened and I could see spiders have a purpose, too. This summer a lovely garden spider took up residence outside the window by my computer. Interesting that she should choose that location as a spider is symbolic of writing. The guardian of ancient languages and alphabets. Her web is near the entrance to the cottage and so we pass "Charlotte" on our comings and goings. I'm amazed at her tenacity. I've watched her double and triple stitch her web after a thunderstorm and high winds. Several weeks ago, something interesting happened. She created a papery looking egg sac on one side of her web. Over the past week, she created another. And this morning I looked out and saw a third one. This gal is prolific.

In Animal Speak, Ted Andrews writes that spider is creativity and weaving of fate. In India it was associated with Maya, the weaver of illusion. The Native Americans view spider as grandmother, the link to the past and the future. "Spider teaches you to maintain a balance between past and future, physical and spiritual, male and female. Spider teaches you that everything you now do is weaving what you will encounter in the future."

These beautiful large garden spiders kill harmful insects. Most of their movement occurs in the dark. So we can take a hint from spider and "weave our creative threads in the dark and then when the sun hits them, they will glisten in intricate beauty."

Angelic blessings to you.