Monday, September 14, 2009

Fully Rely on God (F.R.O.G)

When we came home last evening, the new sunflowers were suffering from the heat. There was an urgency to revive their wilted yellow petals. I grabbed the old green watering can and emptied out yesterday's rain. Tossed in a few spoonfuls of Miracle Bloom crystals and began to fill it. The large opening at the top was covered by the head of the shower wand. Soon frothy blue suds were nearing the top. When I started to pick up the can, something didn't feel quite right.

That's when I noticed a pair of eyes peeking out of the spout.

A little frog was trapped inside seeking refuge from the rising waters. Not wanting to drown him in blue liquid, I called to Elliot who advised, "Just pour him out." I wasn't so sure he could even fit through the spout. But some action was needed. Doing nothing wasn't an option. As soon as I tipped the can, the water flowed, somehow the little frog took a leap to freedom. It happened so quick I didn't see how he did it. I watched him stop by the garden plaque, Live One Day At a Time, and then hurry on his way.

Years ago someone told me F.R.O.G is an acronymn for Fully Rely On God. Sometimes we get outselves into a fix and end up somewhere that isn't in our best interest. God will send help to put us back in the flow and on solid ground.

Sorry I didn't get a picture of the little frog. But you can imagine those little eyes peering out this narrow spout. I think he was too afraid to take a leap of faith. Whatever you may be facing today, know that you are not alone. God has sent His angels to watch over you and guide you. Stay in the moment and watch for miracles.

Angelic blessings to you.