Wednesday, September 27, 2023

A Little Pencil in the Hand of God

My hope is that you find encouragement from experiences shared in the angel blogs. We are all equal in God's eyes.  And, unseen help is always reaching out, waiting for a request to lend a helping hand. 

Sometimes life catches you off-guard, and you find yourself behaving far beneath the best version of yourself.    Maybe it comes from a gradual buildup of letting things slide, and not facing the problems head-on when you know better, and then... emotions erupt and boil over in a spontaneous combustion.  Peace is shattered, and like a cracked Humpty-Dumpty who fell off the wall you feel like a fractured fairy tale.   

I'm learning every trial brings an opportunity to grow in spirit, if I can let go of my attachment to being right.  That's why we are here.  To grow in Spirit.  What I don't pass this time, don't worry, another opportunity will come around until I finally get it right.  In reality, there can be no separation in Spirit.

Feeling very sad about a recent earth splitting family altercation, shakened, I asked to be a small pencil in the hand of God.    A quote from Mother Teresa I read many years ago.

Needing a breath of fresh air, Elliot and I went to have lunch an hour away. At the crossroads to our usual destination, waiting for the traffic light to change, an angel nudge pointed to another lakeside town six miles down the road.  Suddenly the name of a restaurant we hadn't been to in eight years came to mind.  

 Puddle Jumpers! 

Turning right, we went for it.  Barreling along four lanes of fast-moving traffic, we scanned the terrain for familiar sights, but no street names rang a bell.  Then speeding along, up ahead, a large video billboard flashed a rolling ad.  The timing was amazing!  

Puddle Jumpers Restaurant!  It  was still open!  Yay! Thank you, angels! We cheered, caught up in the excitement.  Craning my neck, the ad dissolved before I got the exit.  

At a stop light, a man driving a jeep had his window down. He provided directions, and the light changed.  Far ahead of us, his arm raised in the air, and he pointed the left hand turn to make at the fork in the road as he sped forward on his merry way.    

One step closer, now in town, we searched for Puddle Jumpers. I spotted a Lady Bug Paraphernalia  sign at a sidewalk cafe. My departed mother sends ladybugs to guide me so I took it as a sign to eat there. We parked in the lot.   Turns out, the Ladybug gift shop was no longer in business and had become a cafe by another name, but the owner kept the Ladybug adjunct on her marquis.   

So we decided to continue to Puddle Jumpers. Just then, a friendly blue-eyed cop came out the door with his To Go lunch.  He directed us to Puddle Jumpers. Two blocks away.

A cool sunny day, we enjoyed the walk. 

A lakeside table on the restaurant patio was waiting when we arrived. A mourning dove landed in a nearby tree. Slowly peace was coming back again... filling me up like a balloon.

Three bright painted seaplanes were parked on the grass, not too far away, ready for business.  You could take a ride in a Puddle Jumper and see the bigger picture from the air.   I was tempted.  A family of five took a group photo before squeezing into a shiny yellow plane, we watched the Puddle Jumper splash across the sunlit waters before taking flight. 

Well, it was a lovely get-away...a chance to recharge our batteries.  A stand of towering bamboo trees in the park made an inviting cozy sanctuary.  I tried to enter the wood sanctuary, but the thick green bamboo poles shrouded a utility building.  Bamboo grows slow...for five years it looks like nothing  is happening...then...suddenly the plant shoots up 90 feet.  A sign to have patience when things appear to be slow on the surface.  A growth explosion is hidden in the works. 

The biggest surprise came on our way out of town. A gigantic billboard of a 3-D pencil, about 60-ft tall, with a sharp point on the highway!  I laughed, remembering my prayer to be a little pencil in the hand of God that morning. That big yellow pencil made a lasting impression in my mind.  It had a big eraser.

 Hoping to share a photo with you, I was surprised to find this 2007 picture on-line.  

The synchronicity made me take another look at Mother Teresa's quote. I was surprised to find a second part:

I am but a small pencil in the hand of a writing God

 who is sending a love letter to the world. 

  Where would we be without the help of our loving angels?  I'm thankful for the lesson learned. When we step out of our routine, and follow the nudge to budge in a different direction, angel guidance leads the way.  Helpful people are placed on our path, billboard signs point the way...and you can navigate the roads without a smart phone, and share love with the world.   

Love and peace, 

Rae Karen