Tuesday, April 30, 2024

A Higher Purpose at Work: Angel Message

You never know what "bird mail" will pop up on the "duck feed" each morning.  The cast performing at the lake is varied; each bird plays a purposeful role in reflecting my inner landscape.  The traits that need to be strengthened, or a hint on how to handle a troublesome situation. 

This morning began with a rare stance of sunlit feathery wings opened wide to embrace the warmth of a new day.  A flock of turkey vultures had gathered in a peaceful prayer vigil.  I counted eleven in all.  With such a magnificent wing span, they can effortlessly soar for hours, but this group remained earthbound.  Vultures symbolize purification, death and rebirth, and new vision.    In ancient Egypt, the vulture was considered a mother symbol. So whenever I see one, I'm reminded of motherly unconditional love in the works, or the wings.

One red headed vulture flew up on an old oak and remained vigilant on a high branch watching over the lake. Turkey vultures have no real voice.  They can only hiss by forcing air out of their beaks.  Sometimes this can reflect a lesson for us to take action rather than just talking about taking action. Perform, don't just talk about performing.  Do it. 

This message was a confirmation of something that occurred yesterday where an action was needed, and a perfect opportunity opened up in which to take it. 

 "When a vulture appears it brings a promise that suffering of the immediate is temporary and necessary for a higher purpose was at work, even if not understood at that time." 

The best is yet to be. And, we are blessed to know that we are never alone...right in the middle of wherever we may find ourselves...  God has sent His angels to watch over us.  We are always in good company.  God company.

 Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Ref: Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews