Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Into His Presence: An Angel Message

(Artwork: Wikimedia Commons)

The Angel of Acceptance stands at the gate welcoming a new beginning.  Leaving the past behind is never easy; old habits die hard, but by choosing to let go, with grace, we can more easily cross the threshold to a brand new way of being in the world.  Yesterday's lessons served a purpose, painful or joyous, as they gave us strength and courage to move beyond our fears.

During this Easter season, Christ stands at the door of our consciousness, waiting for an invitation to enter and commune with us.  Peace is there; love is there; joy is there.  Being in His Presence is to experience spiritual fulfillment, now.

In this moment, we can pause and still our minds: 

 "Into His Presence would I enter now." (A Course In Miracles Lesson 157)   

Whispering these words, brings such a peaceful enfolding of Divine Love and Grace.

It's a practice that I find most helpful during the day no matter where I find myself. 

Love and Blessings,

Rae Karen