Monday, June 15, 2020

Amazing Grace: A Message from the Angels

In memory of Mom's birthday, I'm resurrecting this older angel blog.  She would have been 102 this month. 

The summer of 2014 my faith was tested hard.  Mom had just turned 96 when overnight she lost the ability to speak clearly.  She tried hard to use the right words to express her desires, but they weren't a match.  I did my best to understand her requests.  Mom was always a good sport, smiling, she would shake her head, and try again.  I was thankful for the lessons I learned at that transitional time.  The most important was Love.  How communication is not so much about words as the love that inspires them.  It goes beyond symbols of form and touches heart to heart. Mom was still here to give and receive love.

One morning,  shortly after her mild stroke, I was sitting on the sofa alone at home, processing this sudden change in my mother.  How this vibrant fun loving woman so quick-witted and eager to bring joy to others, could suddenly be confounded in her loving expression.  With these thoughts in my head, I noticed an angel statue on the window ledge near me. I looked at the angel playing a harp, thinking to myself, Why don't you stop harping, and be grateful, for everything! The lavender angel had been a "find" years ago at a local thrift shop. A tiny battery switch was hidden inside the wood base.  I thought it would make her light up. But it didn't work.  Loving anything purple, I brought her home with me.

Now, concerned about my mother, something made me reach out for the angel with the harp.  I found myself turning her upside down.  Pushing the battery switch, I hoped she would finally light up.

What happened next caught me off guard.  It wasn't the angel who lighted, but me upon hearing three tinny sounding musical notes fill the air. The harp angel was a music box!  I laughed.  Curious, I tried again, hoping to hear the entire song.   

The angel's selection brought healing tears as she played my favorite hymn.  Amazing Grace!  (And, mother's.)

A touch of tender love enfolded me with gentle wings of grace and comfort.  I was not alone. More was going on than I could presently understand. The message was to keep trusting and having having faith. The lavender angel never did play the whole hymn again.  But, the amazing synchronicity of that celestial moment was life-changing. 

My hope is that you will be encouraged to stay strong during these unprecedented times of transformation.  We are not alone as humanity experiences a celestial speedup; the old is breaking down to make way for the new.  Outworn cherished ideals are being challenged, causing us to seek answers within, and be transformed by the renewing of our mind. The call is to come up higher in consciousness, recognizing God is Love.

So my friends, whatever challenges you are experiencing today, personal, local, global, remember God is Love.  God loves you.  His angels are here to help us stay tuned in divine Love.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen