Sunday, June 7, 2020

Fully Rely on God: An Angel Message

Around 7:00 p.m. last night, my son called.  His landlord had texted him that a tornado warning was in effect for his area.  We checked the forecast, thankfully the alert was lifted there, but it was heading north in our direction. 

Hurrying to seek refuge, Elliot and I spotted a little frog leap over a rain puddle and hide in the bushes outside our living room window. That little frog was a symbol of faith as  F.R.O.G. is an acronym for: (F)ully (R)ely (O)n (G)od.  

 While sitting on the floor in the master bedroom, an angel thought came to listen to Handel's Messiah.  Soon it  was blasting from my cellphone.  The Hallelujah Chorus, raised in celestial voices, triumphed over the thunder drumming along to the dynamic music. 

 I tuned in to feel God's eternal harmony embracing All in Love, and not buying into the effects of my mortal senses. Nothing could ever separate me, or anyone from the Love of God. 

 I could see how much I'd grown spiritually, no longer trembling in fear, but graced by a shield of peacefulness in knowing the power of Psalm 91, and the presence of angels.

When the tornado threat had passed, a heavy thunderstorm rolled in.  It was getting late and Elliot and I went to bed. 

 Before falling asleep, we lost our power. I tried not to focus on the freezer--full of food, as sheet lightning flashed and flickered outside the bedroom window.    

At 11 p.m. the storm finally calmed down when I woke up.  By the light of my cellphone, I tiptoed out to the sun-room to call Duke Energy. A sweet woman answered the call.  Only 124 homes were in the dark. I was happy the count was so low.   And, the damaged equipment would be fixed by 4 a.m. 

Elliot was still sleeping soundly, as I returned to bed, feeling grateful.  I envisioned the Duke Energy light-workers embraced by God.  Thankful for their dedicated service.  

A thought suddenly came to me that God is not limited by time.  He is Ever-present.  All Good. All Power. Infinite.  Supreme. 

These three little words came like a whisper, "God is Love."  A blanket of peace washed over me as I laid there in the dark, softly repeating that comforting truth to myself.   

What happened a few minutes later took my breath away...

 I heard the sweet hum of the air- conditioner starting up!   The appliances in the kitchen pinged!  Our power was back! And, it was shortly after 11 p.m., hours before 4 AM.   

"God is Love."  The tenderness of that holy moment brought a surprise wave of grateful tears as I bathed in the awareness that God is Love.  Like a tired child in the loving arms of a parent, I fell asleep. 

I'm so grateful for the Angels loving protection and service, and for the reminders that wing their way into our minds to fully rely on God,  not just in storms, but in day-to-day living by abiding in His Everlasting Love.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen